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Besides Bagels we take great pride in offering a large selection of breads, rolls, muffins, turnovers, .... baked fresh every day. From classics such as semolina and classic Italian; to stuffed breads like artichoke, prosciutto, and broccoli.

Fresh Deli & Cold Cuts

Top Bagels carries a full line Boars Head Brand Cold Cuts as well as a wide variety of our own homemade slow roasted meats. 

Gourmet Prepared Food

When you visit our gourmet deli department and specialty cases you will find delicious appetizers, side dishes and prepared entrees to compliment any gathering. We take great pride in having our exquisite chefs prepare meals that will taste homemade to the high standards you would expect. Wide Variety of Grab 'N Go dishes, Make Your Own Salad Bar, Wraps and Sandwiches to Go.

Grocery, Snacks, Beverages, Frozen, Cleaning, Pet Supply

Top Bagels carry full line of groceries. We take pride in our groceries and understand that customers must be served with the best quality and lowest prices possible.If you cannot find the particular item or brand that you desire, please contact store management and we will do our very best to make the item available to you on future visits.

Grade 'A' and Organic Produce

Colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. All our produce is carefully selected and inspected to make sure you’re getting the freshest product possible.

 Dairy, Eggs and Cheese

Top Bagels is known for our fine selection of gourmet cheeses from around the world. We invite you to enjoy the wonderful hand picked selection of cheeses, spreads, and olives. The best prices in a town on dairy products and eggs.


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